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One of the best and cheapest ways to get new customers is to get your exiting customers to promote you. In many industries it’s what they call referrals. Customer referrals will happen naturally if you provide a good service that people are happy with, but often this process can be helped.


You may have seen many large companies use a referral system where they reward the existing customer and new customer by offering some kind of promotion or incentive. You too can offer something along the same lines, but try doing this with a twist.

It is well documented that friends often share common pastimes and interests.  And so it is likely that your customers know other people who may be your potential future customers.  What you have to do is find a way to reach these people through your common link.

Try this:

Make up some special vouchers, say five or ten pound vouchers, and print on the voucher a TO: and FROM: section. Now when a customer makes a significant purchase, you could ask if they have any friends who are also interested jewellery. If they give a positive reply, just take out a voucher, ask them for their name, and write their name in the FROM: section.  Now tell your customer that you appreciate their custom and ask them to take the voucher with your compliments and give it to a friend.

Now all the customer has to do is fill in their friends name and give it as a gift. This technique it great, it gets your customers to promote you to their friends; it also makes them feel good about giving something away of real value or benefit.

We have prepared an example voucher document for you that you are free to amend and use for your own customers.

Download instructions:

Select the version of the document you require, right click on the link (IE users select “Save Target As”, Firefox users select “Save Link As”).  Then save the file to your documents directory (or whatever your prefered folder is on your computer).

Microsoft Word 2007 version click here

Microsoft Word 97-2003 version click here

Rich Text Format version click here (for users that do not use Microsoft Word)



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