Amber Diamond Bracelet

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Jewelry Project

Interesting jewelry shapes and can be achieved by interlocking headpins

Materials needed
8mm Amber crackle beads
8mm Indian style metal beads
size 8 Silver Seed Beads
Toggle Clasps
Jump Rings

A decorative toggle clasp such as an Art Nouveau style really adds extra detail to the design. Add extra seed beads via a headpin at both sides of the bracelet if extra length is required.

Step One
Take a headpin, thread on a seed bead, an amber bead, an Indian style bead, an amber bead and another seed bead. Make a loop with round nose pliers at the end of the headpin. Cut the base of the headpin and trim to leave a ΒΌ inch (1cm) section of wire and make another loop. Repeat this six more times.

Step Two
Using a jump ring, link to of the beaded headpins together. Now make a triangle formation by using another beaded headpin. Link the bottom of the triangle together without using a jumpring, but by interlinking the headpin loops.

Step Three
Link another two beaded headpins together using a jump ring and now attach this to the triangle to make a diamond shape.

Step Four
Using a jump ring, attach a beaded headpin both side of the diamond shape. Use a jump ring to do this.

Step Five
Take a headpin, thread on an seed bead, an amber bead, a seed bead . Make a loop both ends with round nose pliers as described previously. Repeat this step and then using a jump ring attach one of these headpins to both sides of the necklace. Use a jump ring and attach a clasp to finish.

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