Aqua Marine Twisted Wire Necklace

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This twisted wire necklace gives a vine like appearance.



Materials Needed

Bead mix selection of Czech glass beads
0.4mm wire
Jump rings

Step One

Cut a length of wire approx 1.5 metres long.

Step Two

Thread on a bead (to use as a focal bead) and thread to the centre of the wire. Hold both wires together and twist the bead to secure the bead in position.

Step Three

Continue to thread bead onto one of the wires and then twist to secure the bead – forming wire twist branches.

Step Four

Once the pendant cluster has been formed, use one wire to thread a number of beads on. After each bead is threaded, twist the wire to secure it in place.

Step Five

Continue step four until you have the length of necklace you desire.

Step Six

To complete the wire twist, use the other wire to twist along the beaded wire. Continue to twist both wires together for about three cms. Fold the wire around a pair of pliers to form a loop and twist the of the wire round itself.

Step Seven

Cut another length of wire approx 1.5m

Step Eight

Find the centre of the wire and attach it to the top of the pendants and twist both wires to secure the wire in place

Step Nine

Continue following step four, five and six

Step Ten

Thread ribbon through the wire twist loops. Attach crimp cord ends at the end of the ribbon. Attach jump rings to each of the crimps and add a clasp to one jump ring.



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