Black Nugget and Bali Bead Bracelet

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Jewelry Project

A simple design which exudes classic elegance associated with the 1920’s


Materials Needed
Silver colored Bali style beads
Black nugget beads
Toggle clasp
Jump rings

Use any 10- 12mm plain black bead with a any silver decorative bead as an alternative. Plain black beads show off the intricate pattern in the Bali style metal beads. This is a very quick design to make and gives a very striking and sophisticated look You can use eye-pins instead of headpins for an even
faster completion time Try making  matching necklace and earring for a really elegant look.

Step One
Take a headpin and place on a nugget bead. Make a loop with round nose pliers at the tip of the headpin and push the bead up to the loop. Cut the flat end off the headpin and trim to leave ¼ inch (1cm) of wire and make another loop. Repeat this step three more times.

Step Two
Using the technique above do the same for decorative Bali style metal beads five times.
Step Three
Now interlink the headpin loops to create a chain. Use a jump ring to both ends and attach a toggle clasp.

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