Blue Leaf and Brown Leaf Earrings

June 1, 2010 by  
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Delightfully different earrings with a modern look.

bluebrownleafearringsMaterials needed


4mm Crystal Bicones

Leaf shaped beads


Thin metal tubes

Jump rings

Step One

Take a head pin and thread on a blue leaf bead, a brown crystal bead, a thin metal tube, a brown crystal bead and another metal tube. Trim headpin and make a loop.

Step Two

Take a headpin and thread on a brown leaf bead, a bicone blue bead, a thin metal tube and another bicone blue bead. Trim headpin and make a loop.

Step Three

Link the two headpins together using a jump ring and then attach an earwire.

Step Four

Repeat to make the other earring.


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