Blue Zircon Memory Wire Bracelet

November 1, 2009 by  
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Indian style memory wire bangle uses two-tone crackle beads to create added depth to your jewellery.

Indian style wire bangle



Materials needed

2 Wraps of Bracelet Memory Wire
11 Crystal Bicone Beads (6 one colour, 5 one colour)
12 Crackle Beads
22 Metal Tube Beads

Tip:  Only use small metal tube beads if they are straight, as you will find it difficult to thread on longer tube beads.

Step One
Form a loop at one end of the memory wire.

Step Two
Thread on a crackle bead, a metal tube, a crystal, a metal tube and then a crackle bead.

Step Three
Repeat this pattern to the end of the bracelet, alternating the crystal colour.

Step Four
To complete the bracelet form another loop. 



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