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Once  you have your own jewellery website you will need to develop a link building strategy. Search engines rank websites according their perceived popularity .One of the ways you can do this is write short articles on your chosen subject and submit them to article directories. Once an article has been submitted the article directory usually allows for a biography section or a resource box about the author and this is where you can get an “on topic“ link back to your website as this allow for you to include your own personal website link.


Links that are on topic, that is to say those that come from an article that is relevant to your website, are very important in determining the credibility of your website. In days gone by, many website owners would just swap links with other webmasters to get links pointing at their website. Although this practice is continued by some, it is of little value when trying to get your own website ranked by search engines. You would be far better advised to spend your time writing articles or creating content on your website that others would like to link to. It is a good idea to swap links if you feel that you may benefit in some way by people finding your jewellery site when they may not have already done so, but if you embark on a link building strategy by swapping links, you may not benefit very much at all.

The importance of link building may come as a surprise to some, as many people are led to believe that just having a website on topic will lead you to be found by relevant keywords being entered into the search box of search engines like Google. But when you stop to think of the may millions of  websites that exist around the world, it is a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack getting your own website found.  Therefore your website need to be on topic, have relevant keywords included with the pages and have relevant incoming links to prove to the search engines that your site is relevant.

The following are some useful directories where you can submit your jewellery article to.

In addition to the articles directories above you can also submit and articles to  and a relevant category will be created.

It is really important that each of your articles is unique. It can be on the same topic, but the content must not be duplicated as article directories will only publish unique content, as they do not want to fall fowl of rules on duplicate content.


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