How to Set Up a Blog Site the Right Way

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By Jeff Schuman

There are millions of blogs on the Internet today. However many of them are very poorly designed. In this article let’s talk about setting up a blog site the right way so you can benefit both from search engines and repeat visitors.

Blogging today is really a form of social media. Certainly you are able to control the content you put into your blog, but you can also control how people perceive your blog when they come to visit it.

Blogs can become more attractive just by doing easy things like adding banners to them. If you do affiliate marketing you can give your blog personality by adding a few banners for products you represent.

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Eye-catching new course for aspiring jewellery designers

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The University of Lincoln has unveiled an exciting new degree programme in design.
BA (Hons) Jewellery and Object begins in September in the University’s prestigious Lincoln School of Art and Design.
Students will study the creation of contemporary jewellery and artefacts, learning a variety of specialist design and related craft skills.
The three-year course will equip graduates for a wide range of careers, including as jewellery artists and designers, accessories designers and design managers, as well as roles in merchandising, conservation and design retailing.
The programme will be based in the University’s Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, which is led by Dean Professor Norman Cherry, an internationally-recognised expert in the field of jewellery and object design.
A former Head of the Birmingham School of Jewellery, his work has been extensively exhibited internationally and many of his pieces are held in private and public collections throughout the world, including the British Museum and the Royal Museum of Scotland.
Professor Cherry, who has been closely involved in the development of the new course, said: “This is an exciting new programme for students aspiring to work in what is one of the most vibrant and dynamic art and design fields today. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming the first cohort of undergraduates to the Faculty in September.”
The BA (Hons) Jewellery and Object course will be headed by Senior Lecturer Neil Simpson, who brings to it a wealth of design expertise and experience.
Mr Simpson said: “Students will acquire a broad base of practical design skills, theoretical knowledge, and integrated technical skills enabling them to practise in the professional design world.”
For more information on the new programme BA (Hons) Jewellery and Object, visit

An all in one jewellery gift and card solution that beaders can take advantage of

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A great way to sell extra jewellery is to package it as an “extra” product. Birthdays are a traditional gift giving time when jewellery is a popular gift item, so why not produce an all in one gift solution.

Here we have provided a quick video tutorial on how you can make and accessorize your jewellery on a handcrafted greetings card. The card is made from downloadable card toppers which can be printed onto craft card stock. During this card making demonstration we show you how to use a regular card board box, that you would normally throw away or recycle, to make a sentiment panel where you can attach a pair of handcrafted earrings.

Making use of card crafting is great way to expand you crafting skills and provide your customers with an instant gift and card solution. Perhaps the very best thing about being jewellery makers is that we can embellish our cards with beads and ribbon that we would normally use in our jewellery making projects. And, because jewellery makers have an eye for colour, you can pick out and co-ordinate the colours of your jewellery to match the colour of your greetings card. Just take a look at the video to see what I mean.

Tribal Memory Wire Necklace

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Jewelry Project

Equally dazzling worn during lazy summer days or glamorous winter nights, these colours and this design is hot.

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Useful conversions and terms

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Item Meaning or Conversion
Hank 6-12 Strands
Pc 1 Piece
Gross 144 Pieces
Mass 1200 Pieces
1 Kilo 2.2 Pounds
Cent 100 Pieces
Mille 1000 Pieces
Millimetre 1/25 Inch
Inch 2.54 cm (25.4 millimetres)
Necklace Lengths:  
Collar This is worn close to collar bone at the base of the neck and usually made up of three or more strands sized around 12 to 13 inches.
Choker This is worn snugly around the neck and it is particularly suited to hair worn pinned up for special occasions. Usually sized around 14 to 16 inches.
Princess This length is usually around 17 to 19 inches. a great length for a pendant or a high neck line.
Matinee At 20 to 24 inches, this necklace is a good alround choice. Probably once thought of as the most appropriate length for early afternoon
Opera The opera necklace is quite versatile as it can be worn singularly or doubled up to fit close to the neck.  The length is around 28 to 34 inches.
Lariat This is a necklace that us not joined but rather tied together or wrapped around the neck.  The length is usually around 48 inches