Costume Jewelry Choices For Prom Season

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By James Frolsburg

It’s prom season and you have a million things to organize and buy, but have you included costume jewelry on your list? If you need some help finding something perfect for you prom night then read on for a simple guide to getting your jewelry style right.


DO: Put the dress ahead of the jewelry

Buying your jewelry before you know what you are going to wear will only limit the choices on offer. A large necklace will not sit well with a halter-topped dress and a delicate necklace would look far too bare alongside a strapless dress. Keep in mind that the dress is the main feature for your special night, so spend the time choosing it first and allow your jewelry purchases to compliment the style.

DON’T: Forget less common types of jewelry

There is far more to accessories than earrings and necklaces. The ‘safe’ option is often silver and diamond and chances are that most girls will go for this plain look. Experiment with decorative hair pins or unusual bangles to make your style a little bit different to everyone else’s.

DO: Choose pieces that you will wear again

Sometimes prom jewelry can seem really expensive when you consider that it will only be worn for one night. So why not choose something that you will wear more often? Look at pieces that you can wear with clothes you already own as well as to wear with your prom dress. It is easier to justify spending the money when you will get your money’s worth.

DON’T: Allow yourself to get carried away

Buying jewelry does not need to be an expensive task. Setting a budget will ensure that you focus on what you can afford, rather than wasting too much time looking at items you can’t. Ask your friends and relatives about where they go to buy there jewelry they might know some places you haven’t tried yet.

DO: Spend time working out what is best for you

Not everyone can pull off their desired style, so take time to learn about what will best suit not only your dress, but also you! Are you tall or short? Slim or curvy? Dark or light skinned? All of these can affect how a piece will look on you. There are many great articles online and in magazines that help you to match the right styles to your body. Once you have mastered these, you can’t go wrong!

DON’T: Miss out the other accessories

Leaving shoe shopping until the end can be very stressful and you may end up having to wear something you don’t like. I would put the shoes and the handbag right after the dress in terms of priority as it is much easier to find complimentary jewelry than it is to find shoes to match everything else. Remember the list: Dress, shoes, jewelry!

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