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In a previous article featured in November 2009 we looked at finding your niche jewellery market and finding the right keywords for your web site. This month we are going to look at getting a domain name for your website that will help you in the search engine rankings.

Most people, when selecting a domain name for their website presence on the internet, will choose their business name. However this is not necessarily the best option, especially if you are selling in a competitive market.


To sell effectively online you need a combination of factors to work for you. You need visitors (also referred to as traffic) and you need a product that people want to buy. If you have the best jewellery products in the world, but no one can find you online then you will not get the sales you deserve and your business will fail. If on the other hand you have a lot of traffic, but it comes from the wrong keywords or you do not have the products that people want to buy, you business online will also suffer from lack of sales.

Hopefully before you have taken your business online you will have established that you are making jewellery that is in demand and that people want to buy at a price that your customers are willing to pay. If you have established these facts then your main concern should be getting customers to visit you online (or as they say in internet marketing driving traffic to your website).

To get traffic online you need to be found when people are searching for the keywords that are relevant to your products. So if you are making beaded charm bracelets because you have established that your customers are searching for beaded charm bracelets and that is your main keyword phrase, one of your very best options for a domain name for your website would be beadedcharmbracelets.com or .co.uk if this is taken then you may want to hyphenate the domain name or add at word to the domain either at the beginning or the end of your domain name.

Most traffic on the internet is processed via the search engine Google. And one of the ways Google determines the significance of a web site is by looking the domain name for keywords. If your domain contains keywords relevant to your customer searches and your products, then you rank more highly in the search results which gives you more opportunities of being found by your customer.

So remember, if you wish to have a better chance of selling your jewellery online then you should give serious consideration to getting a domain name with your chosen keywords or phrase.

You may ask yourself; what happens if I already have a website and domain name that does not contain my keyword phrase, what if it just my business name. Well in that instance, you may want to take a look at one of our previous article on why you should have more than one website to sell online.

If you already have a website then you should consider turning this into a feeder site for a main website presence which has a website address contain your keyword phrase.



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