Egyptian Beaded Collar

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Egyptian style bead collar makes use of cats eye beads, crystal and organza ribbon.


Materials Needed
3 x Necklace Connectors
Brown Cats Eye Beads
4mm Crystals
Heads pins
Jump Rings
Length of narrow Ribbon
Leather Crimps
Lobster Clasp


Step One
Attach the three necklace connectors together using jump rings.

Step Two
Using a head pin, thread on a cats eye bead and crystal and repeat this 3 more times and then end with a cat’s eye bead.  Using round nose pliers and form a loop at the end of the pin.  Using a jump ring attach the beaded pin to the centre loop on the middle necklace connector.

Step Three
Using head pins, thread on beads alternating between starting with a crystal or a cat’s eye bead and decrease by one bead each head pin. Using round nose pliers and form a loop at the end of the pin.

This will form the graduating effect starting from the one large beaded pin in the centre graduating out to just 2 beads on the final head pins.

Step Four
Cut two lengths of ribbon (to length you design the necklace to be).  Thread the ribbon through the final loop on each end of the necklace connectors.  Double up the ribbon and attach a leather crimp to each end.

Step Five
Attach a jump ring to each leather crimp and on one jump ring attach a clasp.


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