Hanging Ornamental Spiral

May 31, 2009 by  
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Jewelry Project

When festive decorations are called for, try beads with a twist


Materials Needed
0.6mm wire
Metal bead
Size 8 Seed Beads in Green and Red
4mm Crystal Cubes
4mm crystal bicone beads

The jump ring allows the design to
twist slightly when hung from a tree
branch This creates a shimmering

Step One
Take wire, and secure a bead of your choice at the end by making a loop with round nose pliers

Step Two
Find a wide barrel pen or something similar, and wind the wire around it to form a spiral twist. Then using red and green seed beads in size 8, thread onto the wire and intersperse with crystal cube beads and 4mm crystal bicone beads.

Step Three
Make a loop on the top and wrap over the excess wire and attach some organza ribbon to a jump ring.

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