How to increase your jewellery sales. Part one.

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The subtle use of tried and tested sales techniques can substantially increase the money you take from your handcrafted jewellery, so make sure you are well versed in some very simple techniques that will have an impact on your sales.


Questions are buying signals.

If a customer asks questions about a product, welcome them with open arms. Questions are buying signals. Customers do not ask questions about products or crafts that they are not interested in; so if a customer comes up to you and asks for information, welcome it and try to help as much as possible.

Amazingly many people find questions from customers an irritation or an inconvenience. This is a very poor approach to take. When your customer asks a question, find out what they really want, take an interest in what they are saying and find out what they are hopping to achieve.

Ask questions to get more information and use the replies to best match what you have for sale to the customer’s needs. By doing this you will outperform your competition. Always try to appear extremely helpful and knowledgeable to the customer and ensure that they come back to you for future purchases. If you don’t know the answer to a question, offer to find out.
Closing a sale.

One of the easiest ways to get a sale is to focus the mind of the customer on making a choice. This is called the alternative close.

This is the way the alternative close works:

Match your customer’s needs with a particular product and then offer them a choice. For example you could offer a colour choice, or the choice between a basic or luxury jewellery item. This way the customer is focussed on the choice of which product to buy, rather than if they should buy at all.

Involvement questions and visualization.

Another way to influence the sale is to ask questions which require the customer to become mentally involved with the product.

For example, you can ask the customer to visualise a special outfit that they would wear with the jewellery. Ask how they would feel about having perfectly matching jewellery that has been made especially for them. Or ask them to imagine how they would feel about wearing an exclusive piece of jewellery that they know no one else in the world owns.

All these are involvement questions that require a degree of visualization. When you get the customer to answer how they feel about a product or how they would feel about owning a piece of jewellery, it gets them to visualise themselves involved with the product and as such the customer has already imagined themselves using and owing the product.

This is a very powerful psychological technique and will result in higher sales once you have got the hang of it. 


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