How to make a sliding knot necklace.

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You may have seen them on holiday, I know I have – waxed cord necklaces with a focal bead or pendant where you can adjust the length by tightening a sliding knot.

This is a great idea for making the most of the those extra special beads which  you may have lying around that you felt were too special for a regular charm bracelet or a necklace where they might get “lost.”


Sliding Knot Necklace

It is also a great idea for making a little extra money for virtually no real effort (that is of course, after you have mastered the art of making the sliding knot.)

Sliding Knot Necklace2

I did make a video of this to show you, but try as I might, I could not get the focus clear enough. There are plenty of shoddy tutorials on youtube to show you certain jewellery making techniques, but I have gone through them and selected one that is of superior quality to show you how to make a sliding knot

So here it is, Katie Drew Wilkinson with her sliding knot demo.

YouTube Preview Image

I recommend some linen cotton cord in various colours to add a nice touch.


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