How to Set Up a Blog Site the Right Way

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By Jeff Schuman

There are millions of blogs on the Internet today. However many of them are very poorly designed. In this article let’s talk about setting up a blog site the right way so you can benefit both from search engines and repeat visitors.

Blogging today is really a form of social media. Certainly you are able to control the content you put into your blog, but you can also control how people perceive your blog when they come to visit it.

Blogs can become more attractive just by doing easy things like adding banners to them. If you do affiliate marketing you can give your blog personality by adding a few banners for products you represent.


You should do this by placing banners that come in different sizes and shapes. You also want banners that have different colors so that your blog is more eye appealing.

Another thing you can do is include text links in the body of your blog articles. Search engines like this and so do your readers as it gives them additional things to look at.

This is a good place to insert keyword phrases and hyperlink them back to targeted web pages. You can do this directly to affiliate programs that you represent. You can also link to other pages within your website or blog.

Blogs that are well written bring repeat traffic. A well written blog article is one that provides useful information. It can also be something that is humorous or even controversial.

Your simple goal is to get readers to your blog and then invite them back. Giving them a way to subscribe to your RSS feed via email is a good idea.

Another thing you want to do is add videos to your blog. An easy way to do that is use Article Video Robot to create videos out of articles.

This is very simple yet can have a major impact on how your blog is viewed. You can also link back to your blog from the videos as you submit them to shared video sites such as You Tube and Yahoo Video.

There are numerous blog templates you can use that are very attractive. Word Press has many of these available. is owned by Google and also has some attractive templates, but you will want to personalize these.

One thing you can do is add your own picture so people know who you are. You can create an about us blog page as well and describe a little bit about yourself and your blog.

The last point I want to make is keep your blog current. Even adding 2 blog articles a week can make a big difference to your readers and the search engines.

The worst thing you want to do is spend time setting up a blog site the right way and then let it go to waste by ignoring it.

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