Is Your Website Design Killings Sales?

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By Harvey McEwan

Building a business not only means setting up an organisation that effectively provides services or goods, it also means building a brand that customers trust. While there are many ways to do this – the most important one being that you actually provide everything that you say you will – it’s still possible to find good businesses falling down when it comes to presenting themselves online. This problem tends to occur when companies find themselves stuck with an efficient and unattractive website that turns customers off.


When someone lands on your website, you want to make sure they leave with a good impression of your company – no matter whether they are looking to buy something from you or merely find the answer to a question. Every time a customer is confronted with a website that doesn’t give them what they want, your business is potentially losing a future sale. This means it is extremely important to ensure that when setting up a website for your business, you make sure that it is completely fit for purpose and is putting the customer’s needs at the top of the agenda.

These days, the majority of people surfing the web are very literate when it comes to all things digital, this means that it’s no longer enough to simply have a site that offers basic details, a shoddy navigation system and out of date links. If people end up unable to make their way around your site they are likely to get frustrated and give up, even if they were originally intending to make a purchase from you. Likewise, if your site displays bugs or broken links, you’re likely to end up with customers whose trust in you as a company is severely diminished.

What’s more, the way you represent yourself online is the way that many people will see you – as you will find that a large number of customers may only want to deal with you over the internet in this day and age. This means that the aesthetic design of your web must be of a high standard and in line with your own brand guidelines if you want people to have an accurate impression of the image you want to present.

If you want your website to be seen by as many people as possible, you’ll also have to spend a little time and possibly invest some money in making sure that your website will rank effectively in search engines. Many people rely on search engines such as Google and Bing to find whatever they are looking for, and sites that incorporate SEO factors into their design have certain features that make them easy for search engines to index, thereby making it more likely that they will be the sites returned when someone is looking for related products and services.

This means that you could end up with more traffic to your site and therefore more opportunities to sell, however, without making sure that your site is also easy for the user to interact with, you could very easily lose that sale. Don’t risk your final figures, make sure that your website accurately reflects your business, takes SEO web design tenets into account and is easy for the user to navigate – that way, you should have a great site and a winning combination on your hands.

Harvey McEwan writes about e-commerce and web design.

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