Ladder Bracelet

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Jewelry Project

An eastern inspired design blending the best in ancient and contemporary style.

Ladder Bracelet

Materials needed

Metal tubes beads with a Bali or similar design (for the outer design)
Toggle clasp
4mm crystal bicones
Seed beads
Decorated round or tubular metal bead (for the inner design)
Jump rings


Try using coloured seed beads to give a touch more colour.  For a more free flowing movement try using small jump rings between the interlinks.

Step One
Take twenty tube beads approx 1 cm each and thread onto headpins or eyepins ensuring that you have a loop at either end that can be linked together.

Step Two
Now take a headpin or eye pin, thread on a seed bead, a crystal, a seed bead, a decorated bead, a seed bead, a crystal and another seed bead. Now ensure that you have a loop at each end. Repeat this eight more times. You will now have the “steps” for the ladder bracelet.

Step Three
Now interlink eight  tube beads from step one to the decorated beads from step two via the headpin or eye pin loops, so that you have a horizontal line of  beads interlinked with the  “ladder step” hanging vertically in-between.

Step Four
Now repeat step 3 to complete the other the other side of the bracelet.

Step Five
Create a triangular point with the four remaining tube beads either side of the bracelet. Add a jump ring at each end and attach a toggle clasp.


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