Large Bali and Shell Bracelet

January 1, 2010 by  
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A splash of colour livens up these classic Bali style beads


Materials Needed:

6 x Large Bali Style Metal Beads
10 x Shell Discs
10 x 4mm Crystals in matching colours to the shell discs
Seed Beads
Jump Rings
Head Pins
Step 1

Thread a seed bead, a Bali bead and then another seed bead onto a head pin. Using round nose pliers form loops at both ends of the head pin. Repeat this 5 more times.

Step 2

Join the Bali bead using jump rings.

Step 3

Using jump rings, attach a shell disc to a jump ring and then attach that to the jump rings of the bracelet. Repeat this so there are 2 shell discs between each Bali bead.

Step 4

Thread a 4mm crystal onto a head pin and then using round nose pliers form a loop at the top of each crystal.

Step 5

Open each shell disc jump ring and attach a 4mm crystal loop and then close it up.

Step 6

Attach jump rings at each end of the bracelet to get the desired length. Then at one end attach a clasp.


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