Lobster clasp, bolt ring and tag or toggle clasp – which one should you choose?

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Choosing a clasp for your jewellery may seem easy, but to get it right every time it is best to think about who will be wearing the jewellery you are making.

Avoid bolt rings and tags for anybody with dexterity issues. The bolt ring and tag clasp can be found on many pieces of jewellery but it can be extremely difficult to manipulate and is best avoided on jewellery made for older people or on bracelets. Typically you need two hands to hold back the bolt and line up with the tag clasp and so this clasp is better suited for necklaces.

For bracelets that drape you can use lobster clasps as these are typically easier than bolt rings and tags to open and close. They are more sturdy and if you hold your wrist close to the body to steady your hand you can usually manage to open the clasp with the other without two much difficulty. If you are making jewellery for an older person or someone who had difficulty moving their fingers due to an arthritic condition then the larger the lobster clasp the better. In fact if someone does have problems using clasps, it may well be worth sourcing magnetic clasps.

In recent years the toggle clasp has been very popular. The toggle clasp does give a more contemporary feel to your jeweller, but some people do feel that they do not offer the same sense of security that a more traditional clasp gives. To test this theory it could be worth making two identical bracelets and offering a toggle clasp on one and a lobster clasp on the other. This way you can see which clasp is more popular with your customers.

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