Multi Butterfly Bracelet

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Jewelry making Project

Bracelet in beaded butterfly design using bicones in both 6 and 4mm crystal beads.  Create this stunning and unique butterfly bracelet and add a touch of elegant shimmer to your life.



Materials needed

Nylon Thread
4mm Crystals
6mm Crystals
Seed Beads
Jump Rings

Step One
Cut a length of Nylon Thread approximately 60cm

Step Two
thread on one 4mm crystal to the centre of the length of thread

Step Three
Put both ends of the nylon thread together and then thread both ends on another 4mm crystal

Step Four
Separate the threads and then tread on a 6mm crystal and a 4mm crystal onto each thread

Step Five
Thread each end back through the 2nd 4mm crystal.  This forms the butterfly.

Step Six
Put both ends of the thread together and thread on 3 seed beads.

Step Seven
Repeat this process 11 times to form the bracelet.

Step Eight
On the first butterfly attach a jump ring to the nylon thread at the base of the butterfly to form part of the clasp, then attach another 4 jump rings to form a chain.

Step Nine
At the end of the bracelet, thread on a calotte.  Tie the nylon thread on a knot at the end of the bracelet and close the calotte over the knot.

Step Ten
Attach 4 jump rings in a chain to the calotte and then add a clasp.


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