Opal Choker

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Stunning use of bright colour crystal makes this choker really stand out.



Materials Needed

Memory wire

Leaf beads

4mm and 6mm bicone beads

Bead caps

Grecian style metal beads


Size 8 Seed Beads

Step One

Take a length of memory wire sufficient to be worn as a comfortable choker style necklace. Take a headpin and thread on a 4mm bicone, a bead cap, a Grecian bead, a bead cap, a 4 mm bicone, a seed bead, a 6mm bicone, a seed bead,a 4mm bicone, a seed bead, a 4mm bicone and another seed bead. Trim headpin and make loop.

Step Two

Attach a jump ring to your headpin loop, and then attach a further jump ring and use this to thread onto the centre of your memory wire.

Step Two

Starting in the centre of the memory wire each side of the drop, thread on two cap beads, two Grecian beads, and two caps beads. Add a 6mm bicone at each side of this metal bead centre point. Adjacent to the 6mm bicone at each side, add a cap beads and a Grecian bead. Now follow with a 4mm bicone and two 6mm bicones and a 4mm bicone.

Step Three

Repeat this pattern working outwards from the centre. Finish of the memory wire with a loop at each end.

Step Four

Take a headpin and decorate with a 4mm bicone a bead cap, a Grecian bead, a bead cap and another 4mm bicone. Trim headpin and make a loop. Repeat and add head pins at either side of the main drop. Attach using the jump ring.


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