Pretty lampwork bead and cats eye bead bracelet

October 1, 2009 by  
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Jewelry Project

A bracelet with feminine appeal, which will appeal to women both young and old.


Materials needed

60 cm of tiger tail or similar
8 square lampwork beads approx 10cm
18 cats eye beads 6mm
Lobster clasp
Jump rings
Crimp beads


Step one
Take your lobster clasp and attach a jump ring. Thread your tiger tail through the jump ring so that the clasp is centred in the middle of the thread.

Step Two
Thread on a cats eye bead each side of the lobster clasp. Bring the thread together and thread on a square lampwork bead.

Step Three
Separate the threads, and thread on a cats eye bead on each of the threads, then bring the threads together and thread on another lampwork bead.

Step Four
Angle the cats eye beads so that they have a diagonal flow and repeat the pattern to the desired length. Trim the tiger tail and join the two ends together with a crimp bead and a dab of glue for extra security. Attach jump rings for extra length.


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