Rose Pink Ceramic Drop Earrings

February 1, 2010 by  
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Elegant drop earrings with just a small crystal accent, adds a touch of glamour.


Materials needed:

Size 8 seed beads
Thin long metal tube beads.
Jump rings
10mm flat round ceramic bead
4mm crystal bicones

Step one

Take a headpin and thread on two thin metal tube beads (approx 13mm long) and bend the headpin in the middle to make a V shape. Now make a loop with round nose pliers at each end (trim off the flat headpin end). Now repeat this step so that you have two bent headpins

Step two

Bend the loops with flat nose pliers at a right angle. Using jump rings, join the headpins together by threading the jump rings through the loops, to create a diamond shape.

Step three

Thread your ceramic bead onto a heaping or an eye pin if you would prefer, and ensure that you have loops at both ends .Attach one end of the ceramic bead headpin loop to a jump rings on your diamond shape

Step four

Take another headpin and thread on a metal tube, cut and make a loop with your round nose pliers close the top of the metal bead. Now repeat this step and attach these two drops to the base loop of your ceramic bead.

Step five

Take a headpin and thread on a thin metal tube. Follow with a 4mm crystal bicone beads and two seed beads and make a loop. Attach to the base loop of the ceramic bead and place in the middle of the other two drops.

Step six

Repeat the total process to make the other earring, and attach earwires to finish.

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