Rune Style Pendant

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The last 20 years has seen a huge revival in mysticism, spiritualism and New Age practices.

This rune style pendant is based loosely upon rune stones which are used in some circles for divination and can be traced back to the Anglo Saxons.

Rune style pendant

This pendant is made of a stone and then has been decorated free hand by the use of Sakura glaze pens. These pens have many craft uses and are excellent for giving a glossy glazed appearance without having to go to the effort of using ceramic glazes and firing in a kiln.

The decorative symbols here were just done free hand with the pens and came from the imagination rather than being actually based upon any genuine rune symbol. Genuine runes have more of Germanic Norse and Scandinavian ancient lettering and none these were use for this project, but you may want to look up some symbol which has a significant meaning for you to personalise you own pendant.

Take your stone and first decorate in the manner of your choice using Sakura glaze pens.

Allow the ink to try and become glossy

Now take a length of .8mm wire about 75cm. Make a loop and wrap around one end of the wire to secure to secure your pendant loop. One end of your wire should be longer than the other.

Wire Loop

Take the stone and place your loop at the back of the stone now wrap around the stone vertically and diagonally and bring the one end of wire under the wraps to secure, gently manipulate to get the wraps in place and pull tightly. Bring the other end of the wire up to the loop, warp around and rim.

Add a touch of epoxy resin at the back to secure.

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