Selling your jewellery in the run up to Christmas (Video)

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The essential guide to selling your jewellery in the run up to Christmas





4 Responses to “Selling your jewellery in the run up to Christmas (Video)”
  1. sue hodgson says:

    what I’m thinking? I’ve got beads to play with and I want to watch this video but it won’t play!!! grrrrr

  2. webmaster says:

    Good point. If a large blue Q is displayed, it means the video is loading. The video runs for more than 15 minutes, so will take a little while to load.


  3. sue hodgson says:

    That was just me being a numpty – it plays fine, just me and my comp trying to do fifteen things at the same time and missing a vital screen! Sorrrrrry – it was all my fault – not yours – but mine all mine.
    Fab video – hope no one else sees it, well not if they live near me anyway ha ha

  4. webmaster says:

    We have changed to a flash player so that no-one has to wait for the download to fully complete before starting to watch the video. This player will also allow you to play at full screen size (the button with the black square to the right of the button called ‘menu’).