Selling your jewellery online – the first steps: The importance of Domain names

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Before you do anything else about getting your own website up and running, you will need to come up with a web site name or domain name as they are called.

The main focus of this article is to explain the domain name selection process and how important it is that you chose the right domain name for your website.


There are over 20 million searches for the keyword jewellery on Google every month.

The good news is that people are looking for jewellery,: the bad news is that there are over 44 million returns when you type in the search term jewellery to the Google search engine. You cannot possibly hope to compete with 44 million returns.

To be in with a chance of selling your jewellery online, you need to select a domain name that gives your website a chance of being returned within the major search engines when someone is conducting a search. This is part of a process called search engine optimisation, this means making you site friendly to the search engines and their ranking criteria.

Ok, so we have already established that your web site needs to be optimised for more than just the word jewellery as that term is too competitive, and we have also established you’re your domain name needs to include a keyword or keywords that people are looking for.

Now if we take a look at the phrase wine glass charms, this phrase has 22,000 people looking for it every month and only 82,000 page returns in Google,  but of those only about 8,000 have been optimised for that phrase. This makes this phrase and market a good one to aim for.

If you were to go into the wine charm business, then selecting a name such as would be a good move. It is a three word search term which is much better than just a one word term, and it describes what is on offer. This domain is taken, but there would be nothing to stop you registering something similar, such as or You just need to see what is available when you register a domain name.

Don’t’ forget the search traffic we have been referring to here is from  Goole. Google has about 60 % to 70% of all search engine traffic on the web. So if we refer back to wine glass charms, you can count on another 11,000  searches on other search engines combined giving us a total potential customer base of 33,000.a month. And because most people tend to focus their efforts on Google , it is often easier to rank on other search engines for your search term or domain name.

Shortly, we will be showing you how to conduct your own keyword research so you can decide if you would like to specialise  in a jewellery niche market and take advantage of all those people who are looking to buy your products.

Remember, the easiest way to make money on the internet is to find what people are looking for, ensure that the niche you are in is not overly competitive to give you a better chance of reaching those customer and then create a website, optimise it and give people the chance to buy your products.

What you must not do, is create product or jewellery range that no one is looking for because people will not be looking for what you sell.  For example the term wooden beaded bracelets only gets searched 260 times a month worldwide on Google. Therefore selling these bracelets or registering a domain name with these words would clearly be a lost cause. So it is imperative that you understand a little about web site search engine optimisation  before you go any further.

Look out for our follow up article about how to conduct your own searches to see what people are looking for online. And look out for information about getting a free website with .



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