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Websites and Your Business

Setting up a website to promote products and services online are all part of modern day business marketing. Unfortunately not everyone can fork out large sums of cash to build professional looking websites with highly complex dynamic content, content management and eCommerce capabilities like shopping carts and online payment facilities.

In fact, most small to medium sized businesses require nothing more than a simple and affordable website to gain some sort of online presence – but they have no idea as to where to begin their website journey.


If you own a starter up business or you find yourself in the dilemma mentioned above then my advice to you is to get in touch with a local website design & development company. Unfortunately not all designers are honest about the options available and will probably try to pitch the most expensive package to you.

How to Get a Free Website

Here is a list of website options that you can implement yourself at very little to no cost.

– Business Directory Listings

There are hundreds of business directories online and most of them offer free listing registration. Although this is not an actual website, it does create a small online presence for your business as well as marketing for your brand.

– Social Media Sharing Website

Social media websites like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo and Twitter are excellent tools to promote your brand. You can use these websites to set up a “one page website” containing all your company information, images and updates – like specials, products, etc.

– Blogs

Setting up a blog is extremely easy and absolutely free. Blogsites like WordPress and Blogger can be used to quickly set up and customise your own business blog. Blogs can contain multiple pages, images, articles and everything else that you would want on a professionally built website. The difference here is that a novice can set it up and it won’t cost you a penny.

– Free Website Generation Tools

Google offers a tool ( that allows you to build your very own website with ease. The interface is extremely simple to use, and you can build as many pages as you want. The system offers a content management system which allows you to update your website at any time.


You can set up your own domain names and have them redirect to the blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Domain names are affordable and will cost you about $10 per year if you register them through websites like GoDaddy.


If you have the time and resources available to you then you are definitely able to build and maintain your very own website at no real cost to you.

Leon van Zyl is the CEO and Founder of Business Finder – a South African business directory

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