Shell Twinkle Wrap Bracelet

April 1, 2010 by  
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An explosion of colour with a touch of crystal makes this bracelet stand out from the crowd.


Materials Needed:

Length of Stretch Elastic
Multi Colour Shell Beads
Metal Twinkle Beads
4mm Crystal beads

Step One

Cut a length of stretch elastic, which will go round your wrist three times.

Step Two

Using adhesive tape – stick one end of the stretch elastic to your work surface.  Thread on 4 shell beads, a twinkle bead, a crystal and another twinkle bead.  Repeat this step at least 8 times.

The bracelet should be big enough to wrap round your wrist twice, so do more or less repeats as required.

Step Three

Tie off the bracelet with a knot and secure it with strong glue.

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