The secrets to offering a choice of jewellery

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Life was less complicated in years gone by. Once of the reasons for this was simplicity: and in particular the simplicity of choice. If you wanted washing powder, you went to your local corner shop and bought washing powder. You may have had one or two brands to choose from. Now if you want washing powder you have the choice of many brands, biological and non biological, liquid, powder, tablets, dissolvable sachets; the list goes on.


It is a wonder that consumers are not paralyzed with indecision. The other week, I wanted a bottle of red wine to go with my Sunday lunch, and I popped down to the local supermarket to get a bottle. There I was confronted by so many different wines from so many different countries, I found myself staring at the shelf unable to make a decision. I think I was scared about making the wrong decision, (whatever that might mean!).

Today we are overwhelmed by choice and research has shown that this can actually backfire. People like to be offered a choice; this is much is true, but when consumers are overwhelmed with choice, research by psychologists has shown that people find process so overwhelming, that they often end up making no choice at all.

What does this mean to you? Well if you are in the business of selling jewellery it is important to offer a choice. That means a choice of style and a choice of colour. But going too and offering your potential customers too many options, may mean that you end up losing out, to someone who provides a smaller range.

To avoid losing out in this way, group your jewellery together according to certain styles or ranges when it is displayed at a craft shows or on a web site. Offer a choice of colour or tones but limit these so the range does not appear overwhelming. Keep records or what is your most popular line and ask questions of your customers as to why they like it. If there is a common theme, then expand on it and exploit it as much as possible. Offering a limited choice in your most popular range, may be the most important decision you make to increase your sales.

Do your research, build on what works.. and  sell more jewellery today.


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