Turquoise Silver Foil Disc Bracelet

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A contemporary bracelet in cool silver and blue shades.  This cuff style bracelet gives a really unusual look and is a statement piece of jewellery for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Turquoise Silver Foil Disc Bracelet

 Materials Needed

17 Disc Beads (approx 15mm diameter)
Silver Seed Beads
Nylon Coated Wire
Toggle Clasp
Crimp Beads

Step One
Cut a length of nylon coated wire approximately 1 metre.

Step Two
Thread the toggle clasp halfway along the wire and put both ends of the wire together.  Thread on a crimp bead onto the ends.

Step Three
Move the crimp bead up to the toggle clasp forming a loop and squeeze the crimp bead together, then thread on 1 seed bead.

Step Four
Separate the wires and thread on 5 seed beads.

Step Five
Thread a disc bead onto each wire and then 2 seed beads.

Step Six
Thread a disc bead onto one wire and then thread the other wire through the disc bead in the opposite direction (similar to lacing a shoe), then thread 2 seed beads onto each wire.

Step Seven
Follow Step 5 and 6 four more times.

Step Eight
Thread 5 seed beads onto each wire and then put both wires together and thread on 1 seed bead.

Step Nine
With both wires together, thread on a crimp bead and then thread the wire through the loop on the toggle clasp.

Step Ten
Thread the wires back through the crimp bead and pull tightly to ensure the beads do not move around and the squeeze the crimp bead together.

Step Eleven
Trim the excess wire and your bracelet is ready to wear.



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