What are focal beads and how should you use them?

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Focal beads are beads which draw the attention of the eye and become the focal point for your piece of jewellery.

In most cases the bead is handmade and more often than not a lampwork bead which has special detailing that make the bead stand out from other regular beadsĀ  .

Using focal beads is a great way to minimise costs in jewellery design whilst making the jewellery appear unique and different. And the use of focal beads in jewellery design also prevents jewellery designers from making classic design mistakes by overloading jewellery with competing beads which scream out for attention and detract from the overall look of the jewellery.

Focal beads can range in price from a few pence to a few pounds or dollars. Some Individual glass blowers make their living from creating really unique focal beads. These beads are also sometimes referred to as art beads, and they can in fact be works of art in themselves.

To source unique art or focal beads it is worth getting in touch with individual designers who often belong to glass blowing or beading guilds and having a look at their work.

Below is an example of using a focal bead.

Focal Bead Necklace

Focal Bead Necklace

The red focal bead takes centre stage. Co-ordinating red beads are selected and crystal bicone beads in an olivine colour pick up on the accent colours of the main focal bead.

Try http://www.gbuk.org/pages/gallery/marion-sidebottom/ for a look at what is happening in the UK

Try http://www.aussiebeadmakers.com/ for a look at what is happening in Australia

http://www.isgb.org/ Here is the international association of glass bead makers based in the USA


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